Founders' Birthdays Fundraiser!

Fundraiser Goal
2020 Subaru Forester Fundraiser Total
Founders' Birthday Wishlist

The Southwest Wildlife Foundation of Utah was founded by Susan and Martin Tyner.

Both our founders have birthdays in December.

And both our founders have only one thing on their Birthday list and, of course, it is for the critters.

They would like a brand new Subaru Forester from Findlay Subaru of St.George.

Subaru Forester

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Fundraiser Goal
2020 Subaru Forester Fundraiser Total

Birthday Fund Contributors

  • James H
  • Audrey H
  • Gwen S
  • Nazarena G
  • Mary S
  • Clemens C
  • William S
  • Patrick D
  • Dianne E
  • Heather L
  • Rhys L
  • Daniel R
  • Dianne M
  • Doreen O
  • Kathryn H
  • Angela B
  • Susan W
  • Maria C
  • Sandralynn V
  • Mike K
  • Susan W
  • Arthur N
  • Robyn K
  • Susan W
  • Ted T
  • Elizabeth H
  • Cynthia D
  • Julie L
  • Tamas M
  • Daniel R
  • Richard L
  • Cheryl H
  • Mario V
  • Henry H
  • Mei fung L
  • Nancy C
  • Christina R
  • John L
  • John A
  • Nicolette S
  • Susan K
  • Linda B
  • Jeanne D
  • Myriam V
  • George A
  • Julie W
  • Debra D
  • Teresa M
  • Jeannot P
  • Marian D
  • Judy S
  • Patrick R
  • Karen S
  • John C
  • Lori S
  • Daneane G
  • Jim G.
  • Donna A.
  • Susan W.
  • Patty & Carl R.
  • Howard M.