Red Tail Hawk Hit By Car Survives

In Mid December, Susan and Martin were called to check on a Red Tail Hawk near a busy road. The hawk had been struck by a car. With the help of the man who called, they located the Red Tail Hawk and Martin was able to scoop the hawk up.

Back at the rescue center, Martin examined the Hawk and found no broken bones. The Hawk was put in a chamber to recover. Five days later, after frequent checks and examinations, Martin determined the hawk was ready to return to the wild where she belongs.

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Release of a Screech Owl

December 9th, 2020: Susan and Martin released a Screech Owl. The owl only stayed one night. After observing the owl’s behavior overnight, Martin decided the best thing was to get him back in the wild as soon as possible.

Biggest Hawk Back to the Wild | Release of Ferruginous Hawk

A Ferruginous Hawk arrived on October 8th. After an examine, Martin determined the hawk had an injury from getting stuck on a barb wire fence. Based on the condition of the hawk’s wing, it is likely the hawk managed to get free before extensive damage or breaks.

This hawk stayed at our rescue center just over three weeks to heal then was released up at the C-Overlook, a safe location to give the hawk some time to reorient himself and return safely back the wild.

Vultures Are Really Good at Throwing Stuff Up

This Turkey Vulture arrived on October 2nd, 2020. Like many of the critters arriving to our rescue center, it is an ongoing process to figure out what the problems are and how best to work towards recovery.

After much evaluation, observation and care, this Turkey Vulture was released on October 31st.

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Processing Food video
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Scout the Golden Eagle Earned YouTube Creator Award!

Title says it all! All we can add here is saying again: T H A N K Y O U!

Scout was rescued by Martin back in April of 2006. A rancher in Wyoming was complaining that an eagle was a threat to his livestock. Martin traveled to rescue him before he got shot.

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