F R E E 🐀 W O O D Y!

A very young Desert Wood Rat arrived at the center in March 25th. This was our first ever young wood rat. With help from so many kind donations from our supporters, we were able to successfully feed and care for him. As such a unique and special guest, he is one of the very few rehab animals that got a temporary name while with us. We named this wood rat Woody. After a final exam by Martin, Woody was taken to a good habitat for wood rats and released back into the wild. We hope Woody makes the most of his second chance!

So, on udder things…

Going slightly off topic with this one, but still within a broad interpretation of “Critters” and perhaps some sound advice for visitors to Utah. On the drive back from the last release of a Red Tail Hawk, Martin and Susan encountered some livestock near the road. Always the guide and teacher, Martin turned the camera back on to explain their presence and share a little about life in Utah. Later in the video, Susan shares more footage of livestock from a nearby ranch as she enjoys watching them and their young.

One Hawk’s Flight to Freedom!

Martin and Susan release a Red Tail Hawk back into the wild where she belongs! Martin did not think this hawk would make it. The hawk had damage to the wing tip and options were limited. Martin treated the hawk as best he could even though doubtful of recovery. The hawk defied the odds, began flying well in the chamber, and was very strong when released back into the wild.

Belle the Harris Hawk & Guests!

From September of 2019. Some excerpts from Susan & Martin’s trip up Wyoming. Belle went along and their family went out hunting with her. The second part includes Gayle Bass of TV show Right This Minute. She came up from Phoenix to visit with Susan, Martin and the critters for a day. Gayle is a huge support not only of SWF, but MANY wonderful charities. Our thanks to Gayle and Right This Minute for including us on their show! Links to their vids below:

▫️ Gayle Bass Goes Hunting with a Hawk

▫️ Saving a Rare White Belly Bald Eagle

▫️ Humans Rescue Wildlife in Need

▫️ Young Golden Eagle Bets the Help it Needs

▫️ Beautiful Golden Eagle Rescued From Roadside

▫️ Working Hard to Rescue Injured Eagle

▫️ Eagle Ate So Much, She Can’t Fly

▫️ People Swoop in To Rescue Birds

▫️ Paralyzed Eagle Makes A Surprise Comeback

▫️ Deer Found in Unexpected Places Returned to the Wild

▫️ Rehabilitated Owl Released into Wild


In late March, a very small critter arrived to the rescue center, a baby Wood Rat also known as a “pack rat”. Since Woody the Wood Rat is a native species, he falls under our mission care parameters and is eligible all the rights and privileges pertaining thereto.

Woody has quite a grip when feeding, and Martin thinks that may have been what got him in trouble, he held on to his momma and got pulled out the nest.

4 Hawks, 4 Falcons, 2 Eagles, Hunkered Down

A Red Tail Hawk arrived on March 22nd. Martin examined the Hawk, then put him in a chamber. This is a third Red Tail Hawk currently at our center. Martin also gives a tour of others out in the chambers, including long time guests and our Wildlife Ambassadors.