2021 Calendar

2021 Calendar

Each year the Southwest Wildlife Foundation puts together a calendar full of beautiful nature and wildlife photographs.

You can get yours with a simple donation of $10 (which includes shipping in the USA).

All proceeds from our calendars, just like any item you get from the Southwest Wildlife Foundation, goes towards the care of rescued wildlife and the development of the Cedar Canyon Nature Park.

Get a gift and make a difference at the same time!

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2022 Calendar Photo Submissions

Would you like to share your photos for our 2022 calendar?
We will be selecting 14 photos, one for each month, plus the front and back covers.

What we are looking for: Photos of Wildlife (north American, southwest preferred)
Everyone’s favorite of course is eagles and owls, however we may select any species of bird, pollinator, mammal, reptile or scenery (Cedar Canyon Nature Park and southern Utah preferred).

Purpose for SWF calendars.
To educate and inspire respect for wildlife and wild places.
Promote thoughtfulness about our environment. How to responsibly interact with wild places and observe wildlife without harming them.
A way for us to say “Thank- you” to our many supporters.
And lastly to help promote the SWF and raise a little money.

Rules of Submission
You can submit your photo by sharing it by email:
To: info@gowildlife.org
Subject: 2022 calendar

We will accept photo submissions between October 2020 and March 2021.

By submitting your photos, you acknowledge that you are the photographer and legal owner of photos submitted.

By submitting your photos, you are giving the Southwest Wildlife Foundation of Utah permission to use your photos for their calendar and other promotional materials.

Please keep in mind if we select your photo, we will require a 300 dpi or better image for best quality printing.

Rock Star Dog Loves Packages

On March 15th we opened some packages that had been sent over the past couple months. Cody the Rock Star was front and center, intently interested in each package as if they were all for him.

This week, we’ll be uploading a new video each day in hopes to offer a little critter comfort to your day.

These videos will be ad free and of slightly less file size given the additional online demands these days.

You are always welcome to contact us directly if you have any questions, comments, ideas or just need a little correspondence. Our email is info@gowildlife.org.

White Belly Bald Eagle & Red Tailed Hawk Updates

An update on the Red Tailed Hawk’s and White Belly Bald Eagle’s feather growth.

Earlier videos about these birds:
Raptors Need Their Tail Feathers
Rescued Rare White Belly Bald Eagle

Martin also opens up a new shipment from Rodent Pro!

Martin and Susan send their thanks to those who donated Gift Certificates to restock our freezer for the raptors in our care.
Tom Utech, Love from Michigan, Linda Farrington, Panu Nassi, Francene Simhoni, Nan Huffman, Collin Pederson, Connie Beingessner, Julie Stephens, Cheryl Taylor, Elizabeth Warkentin, Cynthia Cheek, Bonavin Fletcher, Cory Griffis, Sharon Cobb.
A Big Thank You From our Wildlife Ambassadors Scout, Belle, Helen, Cirrus & Piper.

To send us Rodent Pro Gift Certificates, please call them:
(812) 867-7598
Our email is info@gowildlife.org

A Subaru Built for Eagles

Back in November, Martin & Scout visited Findlay Subaru of St. George to test that new Subaru Foresters were still big enough for Scout’s travel box.

On November 18, we began a fundraiser for the new foundation vehicle.
Funds were raised as of January 6th and on January 7th, Martin
picked up our new 2020 Subaru Forester!

🙌Big BIG THANK YOUS to EVERYONE who contributed!👏

Now we reveal the rest of the story — the last run of the old Subaru, the visit to Findlay Subaru of St. George to pick up the new Forester and once again ambush Dave, their general manager. They gave us an AWESOME deal!

Martin also shares some information and further upgrades to the new Forester and Scout’s first ride in his new wheels.

Eagle Updates, Shed Update & Unboxings!

00:06 Rehabilitating Golden Eagle Update (Oct 11)
– a quick update on the eagle that landed in a falconer’s backyard and then was brought to Martin ( Arrival of Young Skinny Eagle: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=47tB3f0uUr4 )
– and brief word about the White Belly Bald Eagle

01:56 Unboxing gifts from Amazon Wishlist (Oct 6)
– Martin and Susan open a TOWER of boxes from generous supporters! THANK YOU!

12:26 Update on the Herman R. Gallardo Wildlife Triage Facility (Oct 11)
– Martin gives a quick tour of the work he’s done inside the shed.

15:25 Unboxing gifts from Rodent Pro (Oct 18)
– Opening a box of frozen treats for the critters sent by Auntie Kat!

Boxes of Generosity

And more boxes!

The Supplies Keep Rolling In!

So much thanks for so many seeds! All the birds flying through the Cedar Canyon Nature Park you!

Many MANY boxes arrived and Cody the Frisbee Ambassador has a new ‘do! We got a extra big order from Rodent Pro full of frozen meat for our wildlife ambassadors and three eagles currently with us in rehab. We also received many boxes from Amazon with even more supplies to care for the critters! Thank you to everyone for so much support and generosity!

So much thanks for so much help!

We are deeply grateful to all those who have helped the critters in so many ways! Every single contribution adds up to make a huge difference! Thank you to everyone who supports our efforts, follows us online, has signed up to our mailing list, has purchased a copy of Healer of Angels, has brought in an critter, has brought or bought food for critters, has left nice feedback, has “liked” our videos or posts, has selected SWF as their charity at Amazon Smile…it all matters and all makes a difference! THANK YOU ALL!!!

Unbox & Bedtime for Wildlife Ambassadors

Envelopes, Boxes, Dog Toys & Eagles!

So Much Help for the Critters! Share the Love & Unboxing

Mini Unboxing, MEGA Thanks!