Free Flying!

Falconry | Prairie Falcon Training Pt. 5 | Free Flying!

From August 26th and September 1st of last year, Martin’s continued work with Piper the Prairie Falcon. Piper is doing well, flying more and growing up as wild falcon. In this video, we see some of his first hunting flights and a first catch.

Piper the Prairie Falcon Free Flights (pt 4)

The training of Piper, our male Wildlife Ambassador Prairie Falcon, continues! In this video, Martin takes him to a new area and continues their work. Piper is allowed to fly free!

In this session Piper is free to fly around and learn to be a wild Prairie Falcon. To bring him back, Martin tosses the lure. With practice, Piper will fly further and further and longer and longer. This is a difficult time in the training of a prairie falcon, Martin discusses the challenges and ways through them.

To view all videos about Piper, please view Piper’s Playlist.

New Wildlife Ambassador!

We are pleased to announce a new addition to our pantheon of Wildlife Ambassadors! A young female Peregrine Falcon has officially joined their ranks!

This Peregrine comes from a breeding program as she is very near-sighted. She could not survive in the wild nor be a falconry bird. She can however be an educational bird!

Name That Bird!

That Bird Named!

Hissing Vulture, Fighting Golden Eagle, Horrible Falcon

This video includes a few follow-up visits with animals introduced previously, as well a quick glance in on our Wildlife Ambassadors during mealtime.

First up, are a couple looks in with the Halloween Turkey Vulture. This vulture has a broken wing and is still recovering. Very wild, and getting stronger, the vulture hisses plenty at Susan and Martin when they enter the chamber to provide food. Visits with recovering animals are kept to a minimum to keep them calm.

The Golden Eagle that was hit by a car and had a concussion and neurological issues is moved back into the larger chamber. He gave some fight to Martin when approached. We are pleased to see the eagle’s fight and strength returning.

Also included in this video is a snippet of one of Martin’s many educational presentations with the Wildlife Ambassadors. With female Prairie Falcon, Cirrus, on his arm, Martin tells the story of another female prairie falcon he worked with who was not nearly as sweet as Cirrus.

Piper the Prairie Falcon Training Part 3

The training of Piper, our male Wildlife Ambassador Prairie Falcon, continues! In this video, Martin takes him to a new area and continues their work. Piper flies from glove to lure in many practice sessions working toward his first flight.

While working with him, Martin explains why he spends so much time and goes through so many repetitions of the exercises.

Despite a temporary break from training, after getting back on track, some of Piper’s first free flights are included!

To view all videos about Piper, please view Piper’s Playlist.

Piper the Prairie Falcon Training Part Two

Piper the Prairie FalconPiper is our Prairie Falcon Wildlife Ambassador. His training began back in July. The series of videos about piper can be viewed at this YouTube Playlist.

In this video, Martin works with Piper in his yard, teaching him first elementary steps of falconry training like his first jump from perch to glove. Martin explains each step as he shows the training process.

Falconry | Piper’s Early Training!

Piper the Prairie Falcon

Piper is one of our newest Wildlife Ambassadors and falconry birds.

In this video, Martin tells of his early life from in the nest with mom and dad to in the chamber with Cirrus, our female Prairie Falcon.

All grown and raised wild, Martin and Piper begin training. This first part includes their earliest sessions, including Piper’s first few jumps to the glove!

Martin is a master falconer and explains some basics of falconry as he works with Piper.

Have Birds Will Travel

Meet our two newest Wildlife Ambassadors!

In this video Martin introduces a new young male Prairie Falcon named Piper. Piper will share duties with our female prairie falcon, Cirrus as falconry and educational birds.

Also introduced right out of her box from a breeder in Louisiana, is Belle, a Harris Hawk.

Both birds are working hard in their training to educate at presentations with Martin and to hunt for food for the injured wildlife that visit our rehab center.

Peregrine Falcon, hoping for the best

On the raptor side in the month of June we received a peregrine falcon with the end of its wing amputated, probably by a barbed wire fence. It is feeding well and the injury is healing. The falcon will never be able to fly. If everything heals up well with no infection we will try to place this falcon in a wildlife educational program.

This Peregrine Falcon is an adult male and was found in the Panguitch, Utah area. It is missing part of its wing and was brought to the Southwest Wildlife Foundation for care by the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources Sunday June 17, 2018.
Hoping for the Best.