Hawk Saved Becomes a Last Act of Kindness

This video is about a Ferruginous Hawk and the family that saved him.

A man, Rob, brought an injured hawk to Martin. They had seen the hawk near the road. Rob’s son took off his shirt and used it to capture the hawk. Then they brought it to Martin.

In an initial exam, Martin suspected the hawk had been hit by a car. After placing the hawk in a chamber, the hawk showed problems with balance then blindness. Martin did a simple test of the hawk’s sight by moving his hand in front of the hawk. He concluded the hawk was not seeing him. Likely this was the effect of a concussion.

Martin did what he could for the hawk, making sure he had plenty of food and a quiet, dark place to heal. Fortunately, this hawk did recover after staying for a few weeks. The hawk began flying well and exhibiting other signs of a healthy hawk.

While the hawk healed however, Rob was in a bad car accident that took his life. For the hawk’s release, his family stepped in to release the bird in Rob’s honor.

In Search of a Hawk and a Great Horned Owl

In early evening of July 28th, Martin received a call about an injured hawk or type of bird out at the wind farm in Milford. He quickly got on the road for a long trip out to desert area in search of the injured bird.

While searching, he received word of another injured bird in the area, a young great horned owl.

This video includes his searches and shares a sample of all the road and foot time he puts in with wildlife rescues.

Martin also shares some advice about keeping alert on rural roads and how to report an injured animal if you come across one.

Rescue of Red Tailed Hawk

On June 4th, Martin got a call from a concerned woman about a Red Tailed Hawk on her property. He and Susan went out and found the Hawk in very bad shape. The Hawk was super super skinny and had help not arrived, Martin doubted it would have lasted another night.

Back at the rehab center, Martin estimated the Hawk was about a year old and in much need of some TLC. On arrival, the hawk had all kinds of lice to the extent of feather damage.

After a month under Martin’s care, the Red Tailed Hawk made a full recovery and on July 1st, was released back into the wild.

Martin Caring for our Wildlife Ambassadors

The Southwest Wildlife Foundation of Utah currently has five Wildlife Ambassadors:

These are birds that Martin takes with him to education presentations. Between presentations, they are part of the family and require daily care, attention and training.

A regular routine is essential to maintain the birds training the their relationship with Martin. Martin’s time and assurances through falconry techniques helps to calm the birds when they go into so many different types of situations during wildlife educational presentations.

This video shows Martin’s daily routine of checking in each bird at night and moving them into the house for bedtime. Then early in the morning, returning them back out to their chambers and feeding them a natural diet. The time they spend together each day is essential to their overall training and sense of well being.

Harris Hawk Training with Belle Pt 5

More training with Belle!

Belle arrived in August of 2018 and we’ve filmed her training and development since arrival. This is a part five in the series of her transformation from young hawk to provider and educator.

Her hunting provides natural food to all our Wildlife Ambassadors as well as any rehabilitating critters in our care.

Additionally, Belle is an educational bird. She goes along with Martin, Scout, Cirrus and Helen to Wildlife Presentations throughout the Southwest.

She has become an essential member of our team!

To see all her videos, please visit her playlist at YouTube!

Falconry | Hawking with Belle the Harris Hawk

Belle’s First Hunt!

In this video, Martin and Belle head out into the desert to look for jackrabbits. Belle stays mostly perched on Martin’s arm as he walks quickly and sways his walking stick in search of jackrabbits.

Belle is still very young and not yet in top physical shape. She will need lots of practice yet.

Belle the Harris Hawk is one of our Wildlife Ambassadors. In addition to attending educational presentations with Martin, she is a falconry bird. Her full story can be viewed in this YouTube Playlist.

Training Belle the Harris Hawk Part 3

Belle the Harris Hawk
Belle the Harris Hawk is our newest Wildlife Ambassador. In addition to attending educational presentations with Martin, she is a falconry bird. Her full story can be viewed in this YouTube Playlist.

Part three takes place at the Parowan Gap. Martin gives a recap of previous training then begins the next step: working with the lure.

Taking it step by step, Martin shows Belle’s first attempts and explains the process thoroughly.

More of her early training days will be shown in future videos.

Hawk, Hawk, Vulture, Eagle

Four Critter Tales

  • Cooper’s Hawk Not Quite Released

    Martin introduced a Cooper’s Hawk that he planned to release. In chambers, the hawk seemed ready, however after released in a more open area, Martin noticed the hawk was still not flying quite right. He brought him back and after a couple more weeks, the hawk was released was again, fully recovered.

  • Arrival of Sharp-Shinned Hawk

    This hawk was brought to Martin one night after having been caught up in fishing line. Martin examined the hawk, noticed some problems. The hawk stayed for awhile for some TLC and was released back to the wild.

  • A quick peek at the Halloween Vulture

    Susan takes a quick peek in at the recovering Turkey Vulture from a good distance away. As the birds recover, they are left alone as much as possible so they stay calm and do not get agitated and reinjure themselves.

  • Martin and Scout on the job!

    This is a snippet from an educational program Martin and his birds provided to the Las Vegas Audubon chapter. With Scout on his arm, Martin shares information about eagles and his an experience in hunting with his one of his eagles.

Belle the Harris Hawk Training Part Two

Belle the Harris Hawk
Belle the Harris Hawk is our newest Wildlife Ambassador. In addition to attending educational presentations with Martin, she is a falconry bird. Her full story can be viewed in this YouTube Playlist.

In this video, Martin begins her training with sometime on the glove walking around in the desert and becoming accustomed to him, the glove and her surroundings. She is also given time to adjust to a hood being placed on her head.

She is later taught to jump from perch to his glove and learning to recognize that the sound of the whistle means food.

More of her early training days will be shown in future videos.

Four Hawk Stories

And all four have happy endings!

This video includes short tales of four hawks: two Swainson’s Hawks and two Cooper’s Hawks.

In story one, Martin captures a healthy recovered Swainson’s Hawk from one of the rehabilitation chambers. The Hawk is healthy and ready to return back to the wild where he belongs.

This release had some urgency to it in that the Swainson’s Hawks were due to begin their migration.

The same urgency held for release of hawk number two. Both were this year’s young and after a recovery have their second chance to make in the wild.

Both Cooper’s Hawks in the video were caught after a big meal. The first helped himself to a pigeon in Martin’s yard. The second captured sparrows in someone’s front yard.

After a quick check over to make sure they hadn’t injured themselves, Martin set them free.