Eagle & Two Falcons Set F R E E!

On June 14th three birds were ready to return to the wild. Susan and Martin packed up a Golden Eagle and two Peregrine Falcons. With the Subaru well loaded, they headed up the C-Overlook to release the birds back to the wild. Though he can’t be sure, Martin thinks it is possible the two Peregrines are mates and nest near the Cedar Canyon Nature Park.

Though this release could not be promoted, Susan and Martin were joined by a few family and friends. One of our volunteers, KayAnne, released the first Peregrine and Susan & Martin’s daughter, Vicki, released the second one.

The Golden Eagle was released by a Eagle Scout, Nate. Martin had been scheduled to bring Scout the Golden Eagle to Nate’s Eagle Court of honor, however it had to be cancelled. Purely by chance, Nate was up the C-Overlook when the birds were released.

Martin Tyner, founder of the Southwest Wildlife Foundation of Utah, is a federally licensed wildlife rehabilitator, educator, propagator, and master falconer with over 50 years of experience.

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How to Help Birds & Other Critters | Q & A with Martin Tyner

Martin answers many frequently asked questions!
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00:00 – What is your busiest time?
01:47 – I found a bird, how do I care for it?
03:01 – What animals are “wildlife”?
07:12 – Why is it illegal to release a Ringneck Dove?
08:18 – Why do smaller animals have to die to save larger ones?
11:32 – What is life like for Helen?
12:51 – What can I do to save animals?
17:09 – Is it too late to return animals taken away?
18:13 – What is “imprinting”?
20:58 – Is wildlife instantly imprinted from any human contact?
22:44 – Do you often see the best of intentions end poorly?
25:58 – Do you have any advice about finding wildlife information online?
27:53 – Is there any accountability for wildlife misinformation online?
29:06 – Can I learn to care for wildlife from watching videos?
30:31 – The volunteer critter webgeek has edited and seen all your video repeatedly, is she qualified to work with wild animals?
33:00 – Does experience with one animal transfer over to another that is similar?
36:27 – What are some examples when animals to need help?
38:48 – Do you run into legal issues regarding wildlife care?
41:29 – Should wildlife go to veterinarians?
42:56 – What is there is no local help?
44:44 – Why doesn’t Susan work with the bigger critters?
46:11 – Why does it make Susan nervous when you work with big raptors?
47:29 – How long would a volunteer have to work with you before handling songbirds?
48:26 – How long would a volunteer have to work with you before handling raptors?
49:53 – How long would a volunteer have to work with you before handling the Wildlife Ambassadors?
51:06 – How long would a volunteer have to work with you before handling Scout the Golden Eagle?
51:50 – Did Scout choose to work with you?
53:09 – What about for releases & hawking guests?
55:37 – How do I contact help is there is an animal emergency?

The $12,444 Hawk Release!

We were joined by Dave Gourley of Findlay Subaru of St. George for the release of this Red Tail Hawk. Dave presented a check to Martin. It was a very large donation from all the funds they raised during their Subaru Share The Love Event. This year the check was for $12,444! THANK YOU Dave & Findlay Subaru & Subaru!

This video also includes a tour of our Wildlife Chambers and a visit in with all the current Wildlife Ambassadors and many of the birds currently in rehab including the white belly Bald Eagle, a Golden Eagle, a Peregrine Falcon, and two Red Tail Hawks.

We hope you will also enjoy a few excerpts from the road on the way up to the C-Overlook where the hawk was released.

:35 – 1:50 Getting our Subaru Forrester ready for the Red Tail Hawk
2:00 – 5:55 Tour of the Wildlife Chambers
5:55 – 13:00 Getting the Red Tail Hawk from her chamber
13:00 – 16:30 Drive up to C-Overlook
16:30 – 18:00 Dave presents check to Martin
18:00 – 22:00 Martin takes the Red Tail out for release
22:00 – Red Tail Hawk Released Back to the Wild!

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The Psychology of Falconry

In response to many questions he receives from falconers, Martin sat down with Helen the Peregrine Falcon to provide an overview to some of the most common questions he receives. Underlining all training aspects is an understanding of the psychology of falconry and what motivates apex predators. They are extremely intelligent and opportunistic. Martin explains how understanding this, and working with this, is the key to mutually respectful and enjoyable relationship. As Martin has said many times before about Harris Hawk Belle, “She is the hunter and I am her dog.”

For more about Falconry, please visit the playlists below:

Belle the Harris Hawk First Season Videos

Belle the Harris Hawk Second Season Videos

Piper the Prairie Falcon Early Training

New Arrivals & Bald Eagle Update

An update on the most recent arrivals to the rescue center beginning on April 29th with five very young birds. On May 9th a Golden Eagle arrived. Three baby Quail and an Inca Dove arrived on May 12th. The next day a Great Horned Owl arrived.

During our last livestream, Martin provided an update on the White Belly Bald Eagle which we’ve also included at the end of this video.

More about the White Belly Bald Eagle.

Cottontail Rabbit Goes Home!

This rabbit arrived on March 22 at around ten days old. Wild rabbits are very difficult to raise, nearly 75% do not make it. This one beat the odds, grew up strong, and was released back into the wild where he belongs.

More about this Rabbit’s early care is here.

F R E E 🐀 W O O D Y!

A very young Desert Wood Rat arrived at the center in March 25th. This was our first ever young wood rat. With help from so many kind donations from our supporters, we were able to successfully feed and care for him. As such a unique and special guest, he is one of the very few rehab animals that got a temporary name while with us. We named this wood rat Woody. After a final exam by Martin, Woody was taken to a good habitat for wood rats and released back into the wild. We hope Woody makes the most of his second chance!

So, on udder things…

Going slightly off topic with this one, but still within a broad interpretation of “Critters” and perhaps some sound advice for visitors to Utah. On the drive back from the last release of a Red Tail Hawk, Martin and Susan encountered some livestock near the road. Always the guide and teacher, Martin turned the camera back on to explain their presence and share a little about life in Utah. Later in the video, Susan shares more footage of livestock from a nearby ranch as she enjoys watching them and their young.