3 Eagles, 2 Falcons & 6 Hawks! | Update from Martin

00:35 – #1: Ferruginous Hawk
02:56 – #2: Peregrine Falcon
04:07 – #3: Scout the Golden Eagle Wildlife Ambassador
– Please learn more about Scout & Martin in this playlist
04:38 – Please help Scout become the first Golden Eagle to receive a YouTube Silver Creator Award!
05:58 – #4: Baby Golden Eagle
– Video “Baby Eagle Found Alone and Hungry”
06:44 – #5: White Belly Bald Eagle
– Video “Rescued Rare White Belly Bald Eagle”
07:11 – #6: Helen the Peregrine Falcon Wildlife Ambassador
– Please learn more about Helen in this playlist
08:18 – #7: Belle the Harris Hawk Wildlife Ambassador
– Please learn more about Belle in these playlists:
Playlist 1
Playlist 2
09:40 – #8 & #9: Young sibling Cooper’s Hawks
– Video about these Cooper’s Hawk coming soon!
11:02 – #10: Red Tailed Hawk
– Video about this hawk “Raptors Need Their Tail Feathers”
12:07 – #11: Baby Swainsons Hawk
– Video about this Baby Swainsons Hawk coming soon!
14:02 – Update on the little birds
– Videos about the recent little birds:
Little Birds Big Ruckus!
Little Birds move outside
– Video about little birds and hummingbirds coming soon!
15:00 – Three ways you can help us help critters!
– Buy Martin’s book, Healer of Angels
– Visit our Charity Wishlist at Amazon
– Call Rodent Pro to send us a gift certificate

Frequently Asked Questions about Eagles

Frequently Asked Questions about how to help Wildlife

Livestream about Imping: Falconry Feather Fix

00:40 Definition of “imping”
01:10 Flight Feathers
02:00 Why Martin does not “replace” feathers very often
02:20 Deck Feather from Belle the Harris Hawk
02:40 The importance of properly matching each feather.
03:40 Feather collection & imping process ONLY by Rehabber, Falconer or other licensed individuals.
04:10 Deciding if imping is needed
04:55 Process of replacing of feather
09:30 Drawbacks to imping
11:00 Showing how the bird is handled for the process: “casting”. * Warning: a recently deceased hawk is used for this example, skip to 14:00 *
14:00 Limitations on number of feathers replaced
17:00 Question: Does the bird feel the process?
18:00 Question: Have you experimented with other materials?
19:10 Question: Can they still preen that feather afterwards?
22:00 GPS tracking system for Falconry birds
25:35 Question: Does imping interfere at all with natural molting?
29:30 Question: Can a bird with an imped feather go back into the wild?
32:55 More about the memory of a very special Swainson’s Hawk
36:30 About banding Rehab birds
37:50 Question: Can hawk be preserved for educational usage?
40:00 Question: How do you preserve the feathers until you need them?
40:40 Question: Can removed feathers be damaged beyond repair?
42:00 Question: How are Scout, Belle & Helen doing?
44:30 Introducing the Mystery Guest
46:30 Feeding the Mystery Guest
48:48 Why we do not name Rehab birds
50:10 Question: Are there any birds you give plaques to?
52:50 Question: How will the little hawk learn how to hunt for food without mom and dad?
56:30 How you can help: book, Amazon Wishlist & Rodent Pro

New Arrivals & Bald Eagle Update

An update on the most recent arrivals to the rescue center beginning on April 29th with five very young birds. On May 9th a Golden Eagle arrived. Three baby Quail and an Inca Dove arrived on May 12th. The next day a Great Horned Owl arrived.

During our last livestream, Martin provided an update on the White Belly Bald Eagle which we’ve also included at the end of this video.

More about the White Belly Bald Eagle.

F R E E 🐀 W O O D Y!

A very young Desert Wood Rat arrived at the center in March 25th. This was our first ever young wood rat. With help from so many kind donations from our supporters, we were able to successfully feed and care for him. As such a unique and special guest, he is one of the very few rehab animals that got a temporary name while with us. We named this wood rat Woody. After a final exam by Martin, Woody was taken to a good habitat for wood rats and released back into the wild. We hope Woody makes the most of his second chance!

Eagle Updates, Shed Update & Unboxings!

00:06 Rehabilitating Golden Eagle Update (Oct 11)
– a quick update on the eagle that landed in a falconer’s backyard and then was brought to Martin ( Arrival of Young Skinny Eagle: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=47tB3f0uUr4 )
– and brief word about the White Belly Bald Eagle

01:56 Unboxing gifts from Amazon Wishlist (Oct 6)
– Martin and Susan open a TOWER of boxes from generous supporters! THANK YOU!

12:26 Update on the Herman R. Gallardo Wildlife Triage Facility (Oct 11)
– Martin gives a quick tour of the work he’s done inside the shed.

15:25 Unboxing gifts from Rodent Pro (Oct 18)
– Opening a box of frozen treats for the critters sent by Auntie Kat!

Boxes of Generosity

And more boxes!

Baby Critters! Little Critters!

The summer months brought a whole lot of baby critters in need of some help. Among the numerous baby birds, squirrels and rabbits, there was also a young orphaned Cooper’s Hawk and Swainson’s Hawk. Martin, Susan, and a few busy volunteers keep around the clock care of these young ones making sure they had proper nutrition and environment.

Rescued Young Chipmunks

These young chipmunks arrived on May24th. They were very, very weak and dehydrated. They had been found just outside of their nest, with no mother around. After realizing how difficult it is to care for such young critters, the rescuers brought them to the Southwest Wildlife Foundation of Utah. Susan began around the clock care with a special formula thinned down to get plenty of electrolytes into them. After initial struggles to get them to take the formula, they began perking up and eating more. Feedings were every three hours while closely monitoring their weight.