A time of gratitude and community

Dear Friends,

As the new year approaches, we want to thank you for your support, helping us, help critters.

Construction of Enoch Wildlife Rescue’s new eagle flight chamber, fifteen additional chambers and our wildlife care clinic, office and reception area, has been keeping us busy and also thrilled with the progress.

Bob Padilla, owner of Cornerstone Development LLC, is our general contractor for this project. He has worked with us on this project since early in 2023, reviewing our eagle flight chamber plans, visiting our home and current facilities, reading our book, Healer of Angels, and spending lots of time with Martin, to understand exactly the type of facility that Martin has been dreaming about for so many years.

Bob’s love and passion for animals and the wildlife we care for, as well as his understanding of how important this facility is for the future of wildlife rescue in Utah, has brought us beyond just building the eagle flight chamber. He has taken the burden off us and guided us through all the steps to complete the plans, including licensing and permits for this entire project.

Martin is making good progress with physical therapy and he is following his doctors’ instructions to take better care of his heart and arteries after his recent angioplasty where he received a 40 mm stent to open up a major blockage to his left anterior descending artery.

Due to Susan’s busy workload this year at Tyner’s Grooming, as well as helping to care for critters and developing the new facilities, and her worries and stress over Martin’s health, she decided not to produce the 2024 Wildlife Calendar. This will relieve some of Susan’s stress. We are so sorry we will not have any 2024 calendars.

With our facilities opening in January 2024, we plan to train many more volunteers, some interns and a few part time job positions. This will give us the opportunity to meet and train some potential future wildlife rehabilitators and educators, which will help take some of the burden off of Martin and Susan, allowing them to assist more with training and overseeing of future development.

We can only include a few photos with this letter, but for more updates on the construction and development of the Enoch Wildlife Rescue facilities and updates on Martin’s health, please visit:

November 14th Livestream Meeting

We wish you the best in the coming year and hope many of you will be able to come to visit us and see our new facility at our grand opening and open house in April 2024.

Martin & Susan Tyner

VLOGMAS is rolling along! We’re on day 4 and tomorrow have a mystery guest!

Every day at 9am Utah time, through December 24th, catch us live with all kinds of critters!

To follow all the action and catch up on all livestreams, please visit our VLOGMAS page at the site.

On this page, there is also tentative calendar of VLOGMAS action, the link to our updated Amazon Wishlist and ways you can submit ideas, question and suggestions!

From the webgeek: Martin’s and Susan’s Birthdays are coming up very soon! Martin on the 9th and Susan on the 16th! We’ll be live with VLOGMAS on both those days so please send along your birthday messages for sharing during the show!

Also we now have two people who want to help out with the mongo drive for our video files. Since it is a lot of dough, we’re looking for a few more people who might want to help out too.

Many thanks, we’ve already received some super feedback and ideas only four days into VLOGMAS!

I can be contacted at [email protected]

Thank you Findlay Subaru!!!