How to Help Wild Birds

What to do if you see a wild bird that appears in distress

How to help wild birds
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1) Observe

Adult Bird

  • Look for obvious injury
  • Is the bird acting tame?

Baby Bird

  • Is nest nearby?
  • Are siblings nearby?
  • Can you see or hear parents around?

2) Survey

  • Is the area safe?
  • Is the bird in its habitat?
  • are other birds around?

3) Respond

  • If the bird is in immediate danger
  • If the bird has obvious serious injury
  • If you are not sure
  • If you still have concerns

Who to Call

  • Police Dispatch (NOT 911)
  • Wildlife Rehabilitator
  • Wildlife Organization

In Southern Utah, call Martin of the Southwest Wildlife Foundation at (435)590-1618

Download Infographic and Flyer

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How to help wild birdsDownload Infographic

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