Livestream about Imping: Falconry Feather Fix

00:40 Definition of “imping”
01:10 Flight Feathers
02:00 Why Martin does not “replace” feathers very often
02:20 Deck Feather from Belle the Harris Hawk
02:40 The importance of properly matching each feather.
03:40 Feather collection & imping process ONLY by Rehabber, Falconer or other licensed individuals.
04:10 Deciding if imping is needed
04:55 Process of replacing of feather
09:30 Drawbacks to imping
11:00 Showing how the bird is handled for the process: “casting”. * Warning: a recently deceased hawk is used for this example, skip to 14:00 *
14:00 Limitations on number of feathers replaced
17:00 Question: Does the bird feel the process?
18:00 Question: Have you experimented with other materials?
19:10 Question: Can they still preen that feather afterwards?
22:00 GPS tracking system for Falconry birds
25:35 Question: Does imping interfere at all with natural molting?
29:30 Question: Can a bird with an imped feather go back into the wild?
32:55 More about the memory of a very special Swainson’s Hawk
36:30 About banding Rehab birds
37:50 Question: Can hawk be preserved for educational usage?
40:00 Question: How do you preserve the feathers until you need them?
40:40 Question: Can removed feathers be damaged beyond repair?
42:00 Question: How are Scout, Belle & Helen doing?
44:30 Introducing the Mystery Guest
46:30 Feeding the Mystery Guest
48:48 Why we do not name Rehab birds
50:10 Question: Are there any birds you give plaques to?
52:50 Question: How will the little hawk learn how to hunt for food without mom and dad?
56:30 How you can help: book, Amazon Wishlist & Rodent Pro