Information Destination Trail Head & Restrooms

Construction is planned for the summer 2016.  Location is planned along the existing city trail just south of our green footbridge and west of our campfire program area.

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This facility will consist of two ADA restrooms with a utility room between them.  Exterior walls will feature eight large panel areas  for educational & interpretive displays.  A drinking fountain will be located at the front. The utility room will hold educational materials for our partners to use in teaching a variety of environmental education programs at the Cedar Canyon Nature Park . Our current trail head leading to the bridge  will be upgraded to meet ADA standards.

This project is phase VI of the Southwest Wildlife Foundation’s ongoing master plan. Future projects include developing wildlife rehabilitation facilities, creating natural habitats for non-releasable wildlife to live comfortably while enriching the experiences of visitors; the construction of a world class visitor’s center with classrooms, indoor and outdoor theaters where we can teach about the Colorado Plateau and the Great Basin environments. This will be a destination where visitors can learn, not only about our native wildlife, botany, geology and history; it will also be a place to demonstrate new technologies and to teach alternative energy sources and conservation of our vital resources.

Anyone that would like to volunteer and be involved with the development of the Cedar Canyon Nature Park please contact us at