The Memorial Bridge Project

bridgeMany have expressed a desire to make dedications or memorialize their loved ones at the Cedar Canyon Nature Park (CCNP).

Those who are interested may, for a small contribution, have the names of their loved ones engraved on a small plaque to be placed on the green walking bridge which crosses the park.

Cost for each plaque is just $100 and people may purchase as many plaques as they wish. There is space for 400 names on the bridge.

The money raised from these memorial plaques will go directly towards the CCNP restroom project. The restroom facility will be directly south of the green bridge across the city walking path.

Ultimately, SWF will raise funds for the visitor’s center at the north side of the bridge where visitors can receive information about the animals and the Colorado Plateau/Great Basin, in addition to experiencing exhibits and programs about wildlife, plants, their environment, and the Cedar City areas natural history.

The grounds at the CCNP are located 1.5 miles east of Cedar City’s Main Street on Highway 14. There visitors can observe the bridge to see where and how the memorial plaques are to be arranged.

Anyone interested in not only memorializing their loved ones, but additionally giving to the cause of the Southwest Wildlife Foundation’s Cedar Canyon Nature Park can call 435-586-4693 or 435-867-9800 or online here.