Birds of Prey Shows in Lake Havasu City Excerpts

* Video Timeline below *
On Thursday, January 16th, Martin & Susan loaded up the brand new Subaru and our Wildlife Ambassadors: Scout the Golden Eagle, Belle the Harris Hawk, Helen the Peregrine Falcon. They arrived in Lake Havasu City at the Volunteer Critter Webgeek’s house around 3p and pretty much immediately got into work mode. First the Wildlife Ambassadors were moved from the Subaru to a couple tables then Martin sat with them for a little while after the five hour drive.

Around 3:30, Scout was back in the car to head down to London Bridge for a quick photoshoot with the Go Lake Havasu Photographer. Martin carried Scout in his kennel from the London Bridge Visitor Center parking lot down to the bridge. Once we found a good spot, he took Scout out and instantly drew a crowd! Martin is a teacher 24/7 and happily answered questions from the people who gathered.

We took a bunch of photos then went off to the Aquatic Center to meet with a reporter of the local newspaper and check out the venue. After the interview, we headed home shortly for some food, and to pick up the other Wildlife Ambassadors for the first show. We got back to the Aquatic Center at 6p, a full hour before the show to have plenty of time to set up. Briana, of the Lake Havasu Water Division, who hosted the event was there as well as another speaker, Joey, of the Havasu National Wildlife Refuge.

We were all very, VERY, happy to see the seats begin filling nearly 30 minutes before the show. A couple rows of seats were added for the first show, and even more for the second show on the following night. Given all the efforts so many had contributed to the shows, the strong turn out was deeply appreciated!

Our thanks to:

🔹Our host Briana Morgan, Lake Havasu City Water Division, who spoke about Lake Havasu Water Conservation
🔹Joey Saccomanno of Havasu National Wildlife Refuge who shared local wildlife information ( Friends of the Bill Williams River and Havasu National Wildlife Refuges )
🔹 Go Lake Havasu for helping to plan and promote our events!
🔹 Murphy Broadcasting who shared our message across all their area radio stations!
Shugrues Restaurant Group and Barley Brothers Restaurant and Brewery for feeding our founders!
🔹The Aquatic Center for all their help setting up and quickly adding chairs when needed!
🔹Dorothy Gallardo who helped at the events & housed our founders and Wildlife Ambassadors!
🔹And many, many local businesses, schools, and churches who posted up our event flyers!

Though Susan and Martin were in work mode for most of the trip with the Livestream as well as the two shows, they still had a little time to enjoy a good meal compliments of Barley Brothers right by the London Bridge. They also enjoyed a short walk on a small trail along the shore of Lake Havasu.

They headed off for Cedar City right after the second show. And once home, Martin again immediately tended to the Wildlife Ambassadors.

* Timeline *
00:00 – 00:42 Instagram Story from London Bridge & Stills
00:43 – 01:04 Checking out the Venue
01:05 – 01:56 Stills from the first show
01:57 – 03:13 Excerpts from Livestream: Martin talks about First Day in Havasu
03:14 – 03:40 Instagram story from Barley Brothers Restaurant
03:45 – 06:10 The opening slideshow of Martin’s Presentations
Video Excerpts from Second Show
06:11 – 07:50 About Eagles
07:51 – 11:30 Video about an Eagle Rescue
11:31 – 15:42 Bald Eagle Rescue & Release story
15:43 – 16:35 About Eagle Lice
16:36 – 28:23 About Vultures
28:24 – 31:06 About Releases & Wild is Wild
31:07 – 32:28 About a Pygmy Owl
32:29 – 44:21 Belle the Harris Hawk Time!
44:22 – 53:56 Helen the Peregrine Falcon Time!
53:57 – 55:24 End of Show