Name Dropping!

New Flight Chamber

We Need a Name!

We’d like to ask for your suggestions regarding the naming of our new property in Enoch.

So far, we are leaning towards including the name “Enoch” in the title, but we’re still taking ideas and mulling over all the options.

If you’ve got a name suggestion please send us a note at [email protected]


Name Suggestions So Far

  • Sue B: Name after Martin’s Grandfather
  • Maria C: Tyner Raptor Sanctuary
  • Christine P: Doing Good Today for Critters
  • LadyFigment: Healer of Angels
  • Fran T: Dedicated to Grandparents Waters-Tyner Center
  • Nejat A: Angels Healing Center
  • darkgerry92: The Healing Nest
  • tschouten1: Healing Waters Wildlife Center
  • Helene L: Martin Tyner Facility
  • AE: Named after Martin, Susan, Scout
  • dg: Tyner Raptor Facility
  • Dorothybell11: Enoch’s Ark
  • Kathy H: Martin & Susan Tyner’s Healing Nest
  • samtheman: Martin & Susan Tyner Rehabilitation Center
  • Maria D’Ange: The Tynor Wildlife Rescue Center
  • Ellen: Chambers for Healing

Morning Critter Feeding

00:00 Intro and Critter Food Preparation
08:00 Feeding a baby Turkey Vulture
10:00 Feeding young Cooper’s Hawk
14:00 Feeding Kestrel Falcons
25:00 Feeding juvenile Golden Eagle
32:00 Feeding White Belly Bald Eagle

From July 18th, 2021: Martin’s morning feeding with all the critters currently in our rescue center.
More on many of these animals coming soon!
Please join us for a livestream on Saturday, July 24th at 11am Utah time.
Livestream Link
You are welcome to send questions in advance to [email protected]

Caring for Young Cottontails

Some very young cottontails were brought to the rescue center. After weeks of bottle feeding and special very precise care, one has been released back into the wild with more to come.

Cutest Invader Evah!

In early July a very young Dove arrived at the rescue center. At such a young age, it is difficult to discern what type of dove it is. With time and growth, it became apparent the Dove was a “Ring Neck” which is not a native species but an invasive species. Non Native critters can negatively affect the well being of native species. We are not permitted to release non-native wildlife.

Fortunately, this invasive species dove has found a forever home.

Let Them Be Roadrunners!

00:00 Day 1: May 10th, 2021 Three baby Roadrunners arrive
03:06 Another Feeding
04:58 Day 2: Feeding
06:51 Another Feeding
08:50 Day 3 Feeding
10:44 Another Feeding
13:45 Day 4 Feeding
15:24 Day 9 May 18th Roadrunners out in chamber
17:29 Day 14 May 23 Feeding in weathering yard
20:33 Day 16 May 25th Roadrunners begin feeding themselves
26:35 Day 20 May 29 Roadrunners show signs of independence
29:56 Day 26 June 4 Checking in
37:29 Day 31 June 9 Roadrunners given live crickets
42:50 Day 41 June 19 Roadrunners tucked into bed
46:30 Day 42 June 20 Roadrunners released back into the wild

Two Chipmunks Back to the Wild!

Two young chipmunks came in nearly weaned. They needed just a few days of bottle feeding before they began eating on their own and ready to run wild.

The Hummingbird with the Heart of a Raptor!

The care and release of a Hummingbird!

Spring Babies Update & Subaru Mod

A tour of all the little baby birds we’re currently caring for and a modification to our Subaru Forrester from Findlay Subaru of St. George.

Scout’s New Biography and page!

Scout’s new Biography page launched today! You can view it here: Scout’s New page!

Please join us tomorrow at 11am Utah time for a new live chat with Scout!
Link here

Belle’s New Video, New Page and New Chat!

Belle’s new Biography page launched today! You can view it here: Belle’s New page!

Please join us tomorrow at 11am Utah time for a new live chat with Belle!
Link here

Shaping Belle’s Beak

Martin explains how and why he needs to “shape” or “cope” Belle’s beak a couple times a year.

Helen’s New Video, New Page and New Chat!

Helen’s new Biography page launched today! You can view it here: Helen’s New page!

Please join us tomorrow at 11am Utah time for a new live chat with Helen! Link here

Wildlife Presentation at Findlay Subaru!

Martin, Susan, Helen, Belle and Scout all took the shiny new Subaru back down to the Findlay Subaru of St. George for the presentation of a HUGE check from the Share the Love event.

Our Thanks to Findlay Subaru of St. George!

Findlay Subaru St. George is presenting the proceeds from their Subaru Share the Love promotion to the Southwest Wildlife (SWF) on Friday, April 23, 2021 at 11:00 am, and is inviting the community to attend. Findlay Subaru St. George is donating $12,231.91 to the SWF and its founder, Martin Tyner.

The Share the Love program allowed customers the option to donate a portion of their purchase to a selection of charities, or a “hometown charity” which was designated for 2020 as the Southwest Wildlife Foundation. Findlay Subaru St. George’s General Manager, Dave Gourley expressed his gratitude in being able to partner and support Mr. Tyner’s wildlife rescue and wildlife educational outreach programs. Gourley stated, “We’re so glad and proud to help Martin make a real difference in our community through rehabilitating over 150 wildlife each year.”

Contributing to the community has always been a major objective for Findlay Automotive, and they give back in many ways—from partnering with different charities including the SWF to providing the services of their event trailer free of charge to local businesses and an organization—giving back to the community is very important to Findlay Subaru. This is the seventh year that Findlay Subaru and the Southwest Wildlife Foundation have partnered for the Share the Love program. Findlay Subaru has helped the SWF to raise awareness of their mission and purpose through photo shoots, videos, creating print media campaigns, and helping maintain the foundation’s Subaru Forester.

Founded in September 1997, the Southwest Wildlife Foundation (SWF) is a 501(C)(3) non-profit public organization, to provide wildlife rehabilitation and to promote wildlife education. They are dedicated to wildlife rescue, wildlife and environmental education. This dedication to preserving our natural resources is one of the many reasons Findlay Subaru has chosen the Southwest Wildlife Foundation as a charity partner. With its focus on wildlife and environmental education, the SWF provides the community with approximately 100 programs, reaching over 30, 000 people annually.

Scout the Golden Eagle 15 Year Anniversary Livestream!

Scout was rescued on April 13, 2006. We think he was about three years old at the time.

Sharp-Shinned Hawk Arrives

March 27th: A Sharp-Shinned Hawk arrives at the grooming shop.

Livestream on the White Belly Bald Eagle

The White Belly Bald Eagle arrived July 26th, 2019. During this livestream, we will review his time with us, respond to frequently asked questions and new questions.

Bad Day For an Owl

From march 14, Susan and Martin go out to check on an Owl. They were called by a farmer about a Great Horned Owl having a bad day.

Cooper’s Hawk Dine & Dash

From January 22nd. Susan releases a Cooper’s Hawk that had stopped by to eat a pigeon.

The White Bellied Poodle

Cody is a Rock Star!
Cody is a Rock Star!

Wild Eagle Chase

March 11, 2020

Susan and Martin went off on a Wild Eagle Hunt.

They got a phone call from Police Dispatch. The report was that a Golden Eagle had been spotted on the ground west of town. Concerned observers called police dispatch and they called Martin.

With directions about where the Golden Eagle had been seen, Susan and Martin headed out to check on things.

Susan kept her camera handy and filmed over twenty minutes of their search in the miserable, windy, cold and snowy conditions of their search, first a half mile off in one direction, then the other.

With no sign of a Golden Eagle, they headed back to the car.

Shortly after, they saw the Golden Eagle fly up and land on a power pole.

Martin’s guess was that the Golden Eagle had a big dinner and full crop when spotted on the ground. After a little while to digest the meal, it headed back up to the pole and was able to fly around fine.

We’re glad he’s okay!

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