Helen’s New Video, New Page and New Chat!

Helen’s new Biography page launched today! You can view it here: Helen’s New page!

Please join us tomorrow at 11am Utah time for a new live chat with Helen! Link here

Wildlife Presentation at Findlay Subaru!

Martin, Susan, Helen, Belle and Scout all took the shiny new Subaru back down to the Findlay Subaru of St. George for the presentation of a HUGE check from the Share the Love event.

Our Thanks to Findlay Subaru of St. George!

Findlay Subaru St. George is presenting the proceeds from their Subaru Share the Love promotion to the Southwest Wildlife (SWF) on Friday, April 23, 2021 at 11:00 am, and is inviting the community to attend. Findlay Subaru St. George is donating $12,231.91 to the SWF and its founder, Martin Tyner.

The Share the Love program allowed customers the option to donate a portion of their purchase to a selection of charities, or a “hometown charity” which was designated for 2020 as the Southwest Wildlife Foundation. Findlay Subaru St. George’s General Manager, Dave Gourley expressed his gratitude in being able to partner and support Mr. Tyner’s wildlife rescue and wildlife educational outreach programs. Gourley stated, “We’re so glad and proud to help Martin make a real difference in our community through rehabilitating over 150 wildlife each year.”

Contributing to the community has always been a major objective for Findlay Automotive, and they give back in many ways—from partnering with different charities including the SWF to providing the services of their event trailer free of charge to local businesses and an organization—giving back to the community is very important to Findlay Subaru. This is the seventh year that Findlay Subaru and the Southwest Wildlife Foundation have partnered for the Share the Love program. Findlay Subaru has helped the SWF to raise awareness of their mission and purpose through photo shoots, videos, creating print media campaigns, and helping maintain the foundation’s Subaru Forester.

Founded in September 1997, the Southwest Wildlife Foundation (SWF) is a 501(C)(3) non-profit public organization, to provide wildlife rehabilitation and to promote wildlife education. They are dedicated to wildlife rescue, wildlife and environmental education. This dedication to preserving our natural resources is one of the many reasons Findlay Subaru has chosen the Southwest Wildlife Foundation as a charity partner. With its focus on wildlife and environmental education, the SWF provides the community with approximately 100 programs, reaching over 30, 000 people annually.

Scout the Golden Eagle 15 Year Anniversary Livestream!

Scout was rescued on April 13, 2006. We think he was about three years old at the time.

Sharp-Shinned Hawk Arrives

March 27th: A Sharp-Shinned Hawk arrives at the grooming shop.

Livestream on the White Belly Bald Eagle

The White Belly Bald Eagle arrived July 26th, 2019. During this livestream, we will review his time with us, respond to frequently asked questions and new questions.

Bad Day For an Owl

From march 14, Susan and Martin go out to check on an Owl. They were called by a farmer about a Great Horned Owl having a bad day.

Cooper’s Hawk Dine & Dash

From January 22nd. Susan releases a Cooper’s Hawk that had stopped by to eat a pigeon.

The White Bellied Poodle

Cody is a Rock Star!
Cody is a Rock Star!

Wild Eagle Chase

March 11, 2020

Susan and Martin went off on a Wild Eagle Hunt.

They got a phone call from Police Dispatch. The report was that a Golden Eagle had been spotted on the ground west of town. Concerned observers called police dispatch and they called Martin.

With directions about where the Golden Eagle had been seen, Susan and Martin headed out to check on things.

Susan kept her camera handy and filmed over twenty minutes of their search in the miserable, windy, cold and snowy conditions of their search, first a half mile off in one direction, then the other.

With no sign of a Golden Eagle, they headed back to the car.

Shortly after, they saw the Golden Eagle fly up and land on a power pole.

Martin’s guess was that the Golden Eagle had a big dinner and full crop when spotted on the ground. After a little while to digest the meal, it headed back up to the pole and was able to fly around fine.

We’re glad he’s okay!

Bald Eagle Survives Electric Shock

On January 20th, Martin was called about an eagle unable to fly out in farm lands. With some assistance, the eagle was located trapped up against a fence. Martin caught the juvenile Bald Eagle and brought him back to the rescue center.

An examination revealed two black marks from an electric current, one in the wing and one in the foot. Not knowing the extent of damage, Martin put the eagle in a chamber to continue to observe him.

Over time, the Bald Eagle recovered and on March 5th, was released back into the wild!

Power lines can be a problem for raptors. Most power poles, especially large ones, offer some protection. Smaller ones in more remote areas can still be hazardous as raptors use them as perches to hunt.

Peregrine Falcon Earns Her Keep! Helen’s 2nd Anniversary

Helen arrived in late Februrary of 2019. She officially became an Educational Bird for the Southwest Wildlife Foundation of Utah on March 4, 2019.

Thank you Helen!

Livestream in honor of Helen’s 2nd Anniversary!

Road Runner Pit Stop

A Road Runner makes a brief pit stop at our rescue center for a little refuel and recharge before released back into the wild.

Greatest Superb Owl Recovery!

A full grown male Pygmy Owl was brought into the rescue center at the end of the year. He had flown into a window. The homeowners brought him to Martin. After only a few days of rehabilitation, this little owl was released back into the wild where he belongs!

Great Horned Owl & Red Tail Hawk Back to the Wild!

Two recovered critters go back to the wild! But not at the exact same time or the exact same place!

Red Tail Hawk Hit By Car Survives

In Mid December, Susan and Martin were called to check on a Red Tail Hawk near a busy road. The hawk had been struck by a car. With the help of the man who called, they located the Red Tail Hawk and Martin was able to scoop the hawk up.

Back at the rescue center, Martin examined the Hawk and found no broken bones. The Hawk was put in a chamber to recover. Five days later, after frequent checks and examinations, Martin determined the hawk was ready to return to the wild where she belongs.

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See “Too Far Gone” full new track from Casey, our channel musician, here.

Out With Belle the Harris Hawk | September 13 & 14

Susan and Martin out with Belle.
Belle’s hunting provides natural food for the sick, injured and orphaned critters we care for.
Martin Tyner is a federally licensed wildlife rehabilitator, educator, propagator, and master falconer with over 50 years of experience.

Release of a Screech Owl

December 9th, 2020: Susan and Martin released a Screech Owl. The owl only stayed one night. After observing the owl’s behavior overnight, Martin decided the best thing was to get him back in the wild as soon as possible.

Belle Tyner and Her Dog Spot…

From September, Susan and Martin out with Belle the Harris Hawk.

Biggest Hawk Back to the Wild | Release of Ferruginous Hawk

A Ferruginous Hawk arrived on October 8th. After an examine, Martin determined the hawk had an injury from getting stuck on a barb wire fence. Based on the condition of the hawk’s wing, it is likely the hawk managed to get free before extensive damage or breaks.

This hawk stayed at our rescue center just over three weeks to heal then was released up at the C-Overlook, a safe location to give the hawk some time to reorient himself and return safely back the wild.

Vultures Are Really Good at Throwing Stuff Up

This Turkey Vulture arrived on October 2nd, 2020. Like many of the critters arriving to our rescue center, it is an ongoing process to figure out what the problems are and how best to work towards recovery.

After much evaluation, observation and care, this Turkey Vulture was released on October 31st.

Earlier Turkey Vulture Release video

Processing Food video
* please be advised it contains food processing and is age restricted *

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