Share the Love at Red Cliffs Bird Fest

17 Years With Scout the Golden Eagle

Livestream April 13

You are welcome to send questions in advance to [email protected]
Learn more about Scout the Golden Eagle here!

Happy Spring

April has quickly become quite eventful…

Owl Talk With Martin Tyner

Martin talks about two current owl rescues: a Screech Owl and a Saw-Whet Owl.

Little Critters getting a little help

Look UP! Bird Spotting with Martin

Checking in with a few birds around the area and around the house!

Holiday Chat

Monday December 26th at 10am Utah Time

Holiday Chat and Q & A with Martin, Scout, Belle and Helen!

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[email protected]

#iPrize Critters!

#iPrize Critters! Enoch Wildlife Rescue prizes all local native wildlife! With the support and donations of people from all over the globe, we do our best to help local critters and share education about wildlife through local presentations and videos online.

Our founder, Martin Tyner is one of 51 global leaders in the field of animal conservation join the ranks of Indianapolis Prize Nominees, devoting their lives to making significant strides to save species through scientific and educational work.‚Äč These men and women have changed the future for some of the most threatened species from across the globe.

#iprize #indyprize2023 #indyprize #indianapolisprize
@indianapoliszoo @IndianapolisPrize

A Hungry Baby Hawk Out in the Rain

Susan and Martin are called to check on a small young hawk seen by the side of the road.

Subaru Share the Love 2022!

For every new vehicle purchased or leased, Subaru and its retailers will donate a minimum of $300 to charity.

Findlay Subaru will also donate an additional $75 to Enoch Wildlife Rescue!

Findlay Subaru St. George
Subaru of America, Inc.

Returning Eagles to the Wild

Two Golden Eagles released after a temporary with us.

Young Great Horned Owl

A young Great Horned Owl stayed for a little while until ready to be safely released back to the wild.

Baby Kestrel Falcons | Raised and Released

Six Barns Owls Raised and Released

A whole lot of hungry Barn Owls!

Mukbang With Kate the Peregrine Falcon

Kate enjoying a quail while sitting outside with Martin and Susan and putting up with Cody.

When Martin Almost Crashed His Cessna | Storytime With Kate

Martin tells a story from long, long ago and forces Kate the Peregrine Falcon to listen.

Small Young Golden Eagle Injured Near Highway

A young small male Golden Eagle was found near a highway. Martin examined the eagle and diagnosed he was most likely affected by a concussion. After some time at the rehab center, this young eagle made a full recovery.

Two Squirrels Released Back to the Wild

Susan and Martin cared for two young squirrels that needed a little help. Both squirrels recovered and have been released back to the wild where they belong.

Shoes For Eagles

Martin discusses his occasional use of “Eagle Shoes”. Though not too often, over the years, when an eagle’s feet are not working properly, he gives custom made “shoes” a try to hold the feet in a more natural position and assist with healing.

Time With Kate the Peregrine Falcon

An update on how Kate the Peregrine Falcon is doing. Martin is spending a lot of time with her and it will still be quite some time before he knows her future — she may stay, she may go – it all depends on her. Either way, Martin will continue to evaluate what is best for her future.

To learn more about Kate, you can check out her playlist here.

Peregrine Falcon Kate | Day 2

Peregrine Falcon Kate arrived in mid-March. She is the older sister of Helen the Peregrine Falcon. Kate is 6 years old and for the most part, even though from a breeder, very wild. Her history is not completely known, and Martin will be spending a lot of time to get to know her.

This video, even over 45 minutes long, contains only a fraction of the time Martin spent during her first full day with him.

For all the videos about Kate, you can visit her YouTube Playlist here.

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