Get Involved

Please Help Us Help Critters!

There are all kinds of ways you can help. There are so many skills and talents we could use locally and online.

  • Local projects as needed, add your name to our list of volunteers.
  • On socials: Share, Share, Share! And Like and Comment!
  • An eye for detail: We could use proof readers for online and offline writing.
  • Creative: Send us ideas!
  • Graphic designs for posts and videos.
  • Photoshop skills: make graphics from video stills for posts on socials.
  • Web skills: Update site content and design elements
  • Have a favorite channel, celebrity, TV show, business or club that shares an interest in our work Let us know! Help us create more and more contacts!
  • We're always open to ideas and suggestions, contact info:

Amazon Wishlist

There are many many ways you can help us! Please peruse some ideas on our Amazon Wishlist. We're open to items from anywhere, new or used!

Please click here to view our Amazon Wishlist!

Food For Critters

Our supplier for critter food is Rodent Pro. We are almost always in need of:

They also have the the option of gift certificates.

The easiest way to send gift certificates is to call Rodent Pro at: (812) 867-7598. They send them by email, our address is [email protected].

If you would like to assist us in feeding critters, please ship to:

Tyner's Grooming
Attention SWF
491 S. Main Street, Suite 7A
Cedar City, UT 84720