Wildlife Rehabilitation

Caring for sick, injured and orphaned native Utah wildlife, restoring them to health and returning them to the wild is our primary goal.

If you come across any injured or orphaned wildlife, please do not take it home!

Wild animal mothers leave their babies alone for their protection and return to feed them when it's safe, so don’t assume a baby alone is orphaned. Mother is usually close by waiting for you to leave. (Hares and rabbits usually only feed their babies at night time.)

If you are concerned about wildlife that have been injured or orphaned please contact your State's Wildlife Resources or Fish and Game. They can safely transport injured wildlife to the appropriate licensed wildlife rehabilitators. If it's a weekend or after-hours, you can contact your city or county dispatch and they can contact a game warden to help, but DO NOT call 911.

To view more wildlife rehabilitation and releases, visit our video library page.