Birthdays are for the birds | 166 years of Martin!

00:00 – 02:30 Birthday Intro
02:30 – 04:36 An Early Gift
04:36 – 11:47 Excerpts from an outdoor presentation with Scout the Golden Eagle
11:47 – 14:52 Picking up a hawk
14:52 – 16:10 Brief hawk moments
16:10 – 30:51 Release of three Swainsons Hawks

Happy Birthday Martin!

Please join us in celebrating 166 years of Martin!

Since age twelve, with a bird on his arm, Martin has captivated audiences sharing his knowledge and experience of his wildlife friends.

At age nineteen, Martin was hired as curator of birds of prey at Busch Gardens, CA. He also worked in the movie and television industry training big cats, elephants, primates, sea mammals and raptors.

“One of my greatest childhood fantasies was the desire to create a personal friendship with a wild eagle. I found myself with a love and fascination for these powerful creatures.”

Martin Tyner is a federally licensed falconer, eagle falconer, wildlife rehabilitator, wildlife propagator, and wildlife and environmental educator.

He has been providing wildlife and environmental programs throughout the western United States, to schools, scouts and community groups for over fifty years.

And it is all about the critters!

It’s December! The birth month of our founders, Susan and Martin Tyner. As always, their birthday list is all about the critters.

There is one item on their list this year, another shed. This one for the new Enoch Property.

Martin has chosen one by Cumberland which is locally built and delivered. It will be the same size as our other one, 10 x 16 with high walls and wide doors.

As we continue to build up the new Enoch Property, the shed will serve as a place to store materials and tools.

One of our first projects, before our big chamber is built, is about irrigation and planting trees in order to create shade for the critters.

So we’ve set our Birthday Funding Goal at $10,000 to cover the shed and various prep type expenses.

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