CAMPFIRE CONCERT IN THE CANYON #3 Friday, August 28, 2015 7:30 p.m. BILA GAANA

11892268_586993011441363_8807270705982887232_nThe very popular CAMPFIRE CONCERT IN THE CANYON summer series is nearing for August and the organizers for the event are proud to announce that veteran local band BILA GAANA has agreed to be the performer for the month of August. Friday, August 28th is set for the third installment of the 2015 season at the Cedar Canyon Nature Park. The concert begins at 7:30 p.m.

Now in its seventh year, the Campfire Concert series is all about sharing our love for music and nature and wildlife, which seem to just all go together naturally. And it helps the Southwest Wildlife Foundation by creating awareness about the Cedar Canyon Nature Park (CCNP). The series will usually have a guest performer from the southern Utah area, but in the past has been able to harness one of the many talented musical acts which tour through our area on a regular basis.

The Southwest Wildlife Foundation is currently working on the future of the CCNP which will eventually house native wild animals that cannot be released due to injurious disabilities and will also include a Visitors and Nature Center to be built on the grounds of the park, located 1.5 miles east of Cedar City?s Main Street on Highway 14.

The CCNP program area is located at the south side of Coal Creek, directly south across the park?s green bridge. Parking is available at the bridge entrance site in addition to the city bridge at the west waterfall, where that footbridge will take you to the city walking path. From there, just follow the trail until you come to the fire pit, just a short distance to the east.

Marshmallows and roasting sticks are a courtesy provided by the Southwest Wildlife Foundation, so be sure to bring the kids! The concerts are always casual and attendees should consider bringing lawn chairs, blankets, lanterns and/or flashlights. The show is free, but donations will be accepted.

This month?s featured performer, from Cedar City; BILA GAANA.


Bila Gaana just love to play as evidenced by the frequency you see them on the bill for any given charity. They feel that if their brand of jam band/acoustic rock can help out in any situation – they?re there! It?s also obvious that the band has played together for fifteen years plus ? they are tight. The program at the campfire concert should prove to be a fun and interesting program. Make sure to check them out on Facebook!

Don?t be late; you?ll want to get in on this historic moment in the building of the Cedar Canyon Nature Park!

For more information about the Cedar Canyon Nature Park and its facilities, the Campfire Concerts in the Canyon, and what’s in store for the future, call 435-586-4693 or 435-867-9800, email [email protected]. You can also visit the newly updated SWF website at and Cedar Canyon Nature Park and SWF Facebook pages for updates and photos.