Eagle Arrived Unconsious

A very sick young Golden Eagle was brought to Martin

This eagle arrived at night, as weak as could be. With doubts for recovery, Martin immediately began care. As the eagle struggled to even swallow, she received around the clock small feedings.

After about 24 hours with Martin’s care, the eagle showed some signs of perking up. After a day of just sitting still, when Martin arrived to feed her, she moved away from him.

On day three, she finally began to eat on her own, taking food from a rabbit’s carcass which is a fairly common meal for eagles.

She had a long road to recovery, being left mostly alone to regain her strength and gain weight.

About a month later, on release day, she weighed near a whopping 13 pounds and was very ready to return to the wild.

This eagle was released from C-Overlook in Cedar City by Martin. Because she was so big, he wanted to handle her himself.