Great Horned Owls growing like weeds

These two great horned owls are growing very quickly.  They can eat up to 10 mice a day each while they are growing.

They’re nest box has been moved outdoors to a larger rehabilitation chamber.

They do not make good pets and it is illegal to keep them as pets. These are being raised by federal and state licensed wildlife rehabilitator, Martin Tyner of the Southwest Wildlife Foundation. They were found at different ages by two different people in two different locations and were unable to be returned to the nest. One came to us at approximately one day of age.

They are now fledglings.  If you find a baby like this on the ground, it is normal. Do not be tempted to “rescue it”.  They outgrow their nest and leave it before they can fly. Their parents will continue to feed them on the ground and soon they will learn to fly and follow their parents as they learn to hunt for themselves.

The babies have all they can eat while they are growing.  When they finish their growth stage we will introduce live mice for them to catch.