Name Dropping!

New Flight Chamber

We Need a Name!

We’d like to ask for your suggestions regarding the naming of our new property in Enoch.

So far, we are leaning towards including the name “Enoch” in the title, but we’re still taking ideas and mulling over all the options.

If you’ve got a name suggestion please send us a note at [email protected]


Name Suggestions So Far

  1. Sue B: Name after Martin’s Grandfather
  2. Maria C: Tyner Raptor Sanctuary
  3. Christine P: Doing Good Today for Critters
  4. LadyFigment: Healer of Angels
  5. Fran T: Dedicated to Grandparents Waters-Tyner Center
  6. Nejat A: Angels Healing Center
  7. darkgerry92: The Healing Nest
  8. tschouten1: Healing Waters Wildlife Center
  9. Helene L: Martin Tyner Facility
  10. AE: Named after Martin, Susan, Scout
  11. dg: Tyner Raptor Facility
  12. Dorothybell11: Enoch’s Ark
  13. Kathy H: Martin & Susan Tyner’s Healing Nest
  14. samtheman: Martin & Susan Tyner Rehabilitation Center
  15. Maria D’Ange: The Tyner Wildlife Rescue Center *
  16. Ellen: Chambers for Healing
  17. Jasna: Feather of hope
  18. Jasna: Wings of freedom
  19. Jasna: Nest is the best
  20. Jasna: Fly and SMILE
  21. Jasna: Nest for rest
  22. Jasna: KINDnest
  23. Jasna: Fly for me
  24. Jasna: OneNest or OnenessT
  25. Jasna: Lean on me
  26. Jasna: Eagle’s wings
  27. Robert D: Healing Wings Enoch Bird Rescue
  28. Kathy R: Martin and Susan Tyners Raptor Rehab And Rescue Center
  29. Wally T: Wings of hope
  30. nekonip: Southwest wildlife rehabilitation habitat
  31. sofia l: Tyner’s Healing Nest
  32. carson g: Raptor sanctuary
  33. Penney b: Enoch City Raptor Rescue Center.
  34. Janet D: Scout’s haven
  35. Palmyre Z: Angel Wings
  36. Buttercup: The Tyner Healing Nest
  37. DF: Tyner’s Raptor R&R
  38. voidremoved: Rehab is for Critters
  39. Mira M: Healing Wings Wild Life Center
  40. GrandmaChelle: Doing Good Today
  41. GrandmaChelle: Healer of Angels
  42. Susan P: Raptor (or Wildlife) Haven of Enoch
  43. JC: Valkyrie Wildlife Center
  44. Al B: The Martin and Susan Tyner Southwest Wildlife Rehabilitation Center
  45. Lorette G: Rest And Recovery Sanctuary
  46. Mac: Underwing Raptor Rescue
  47. Nannette: The Healing Perch
  48. Nannette: Comeback Critters
  49. Nannette: Rebound Roost
  50. Marie K: Southwest Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Enoch
  51. Paul L: Named after Bud
  52. Jennifer P: Eagle Eye Point Rescue Center for Southwestern Wildlife of Utah
  53. Juanita L: Cody’s House
  54. spalmer: S.C.O.U.T
  55. yhazel: Wildlife Rescue Center for hawks and eagles
  56. ngraham: Southwest Wildlife Raptor Rescue Center
  57. cary_r: Raptor 1
  58. Linda L: Enoch Center for Healing Angels
  59. Susan W: Tyner Wildlife Sanctuary for Recovery
  60. Tracy Z: Sky Bound Rescue of Enoch
  61. Sandra G: Eagles Landing Wildlife Foundation and Rehabilitation of Enoch
  62. Annie S: Enoch Raptor Rescue and Rehab
  63. Ellen: Martin and Susan’s Chamber’s for Healing wildlife foundation
  64. Barbara L: Kitty hawk center
  65. Cookin: Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation Center
  66. Cookin: Wildlife Rescue Center of Enoch
  67. Gerald: Animals from God A healing Touch.
  68. Penny P: Whole healing centre for all critters.
  69. Doc: Wild Wings Raptor R&R ( rescue & rehab)
  70. Dory: The bird house
  71. Ashley: Critter’s First
  72. Phoebe: Tyner’s Raptors & Wildlife Center
  73. SG: Tyner Raptor Rescue Centre
  74. BaltimoreActual: “Birds of a feather” – Raptor Rescue Center
  75. Erica H: The Martin and Susan Tyner Wildlife Raptor
    Rehabilitation Center of Enoch

* vote noted