Opening Presents, Updates, Backroad Drive & Conversation

Happy Holidays ~ Merry Christmas ~ Happy Hanukkah ~ Happy Ordinary Day ~ Happy New Year ~ Joy ~ Peace ~ Love!

We saved the video of our latest unboxing for Christmas Morning! Thank you to everyone for so many gifts throughout the year – so many people have helped in so many ways from the Amazon Wishlist to a view of one of our videos. It all matters, it all helps. We’re nearing 50,000 subscribers and views on our videos have topped 10 million!

At about 4:50 Martin and Susan include thanks and update on the Founders’ Birthdays Fundraiser.

Around 6:15 Martin talks about all the events going on, including an upcoming trip to Lake Havasu City, Arizona where he will host two Birds of Prey of the West shows at the Aquatic Center on January 16th & 17th.

At 9:30 Martin gives a quick update on rehab animals.

At 15:30 Susan shares the list of people who have sent us Gift Certificates from Rodent Pro!

At 21 minutes in, we switch to a backroad drive and a conversation. The drive is from the Garmin Dashcam of the trip back down a windy dirt road from the C-Overlook. It was from November 9th after we released a Golden Eagle. The trip up and the release was included in this video:
A Eagle’s Second Chance

The conversation included was from July 30th and covers various topics including:
21:48 – Martin asked about the balance between wildlife and urban sprawl
24:35 – Martin asked if wildlife can exist in controlled environments
27:43 – Martin asked about the differences between pets and wild animals
36:15 – Martin asked to define conservation as he sees it