Parowan Gap Field Excursion

A note from Founder, Susan Tyner:

Last week I had the opportunity to attend the Parowan Gap Field Excursion Martin provided for the Washington Episcopal School.

A surprise visitor, a great basin rattle snake, posed for pictures for the students and teachers. Excited students were warned to stay back to give this rattler some space as students snapped photos to send their families back east.

Martin taught the value snakes have in the wild by eating small rodents to keep rodent populations under control. All native snakes including rattlers are protected by the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources. They are an important part of our ecosystem and we should treat them with respect.

Thumper, Cirrus and Scout helped with the program as well. You can see Cirrus looking up at the sky and Martin pointing up to the sky as he holds Scout. The birds kept looking up at a Golden Eagle that was soaring high above us.