Photograph: Peregrine Falcon Juvenile Female

Peregrine Falcon Juvenile Female

8 x 10 Photo Only

Price: 25.00

8 x10 on Black Matte (11 x 14)

Price: 35.00

13 x 19 Photo Only

Price: 100.00

13 x 19 on Black Matte (18 x 24)

Price: 125.00

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Shipping Calculations

  • Photos:
    • Photos are mailed separately from other types of items. This is to make damage less likely.
    • 8x10: $8.50, 8x10 Matte: $8.50, 13x19: $14.00, 13x19 Matte: $25.00
    • Additional Photos: we can fit 6 photos in each envelope. If 6 or less ordered, we will put them in the same package and charge the shipping on the largest sized photo. More than 6 requires an additional envelope, so another shipping charge is added.
  • Other Items:
    • $8.50 for every two items.