Rescued Rare White Belly Bald Eagle

This juvenile Bald Eagle arrived on July 26th after we were called by the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources. The eagle was near his nesting area but not flying, skinny, and having difficulties.

Upon initial examination, Martin noted that this was quite a rare “white belly” Bald Eagle. Usually, juvenile bald eagles are mostly brown, this one is unusually white. Because of poor nutrition however, the eagles feathers were in very bad shape. Though physically fine, the poor condition of the feathers made the bird unable to fly.

The juvenile Bald Eagle first got a big meal and plenty of nutrients. For the first couple days, Martin fed the bird to make sure he got enough nutrients. After only a few days, the eagle was able to feed himself. Martin then moved the eagle to the large chamber with a young rehabilitating Golden Eagle.

Most likely, this juvenile Bald Eagle will have to stay for a year or more until new feathers grow in properly. Such a long stay is also an expensive stay. If you would like to help us feed this young eagle, please consider sending Rodent Pro Gift Certificates.