Rescued Saw-whet Owl babies!

It’s spring, or better known to us “baby animal rescue season”.
Our latest rescue, 6 baby saw-whet owls.

A property owner had a large dead tree on their property cut down, not knowing that 30 feet up in the tree was a nest of saw whit owls in an old woodpecker hole.

After the tree was cut down and they started cutting the trunk into firewood size sections. They cut through the bottom of the nest and somehow they barely missed the chicks.

Of course the first phone call from the woodcutter was to the Southwest Wildlife Foundation.

The baby owls were brought to the SWF healthy and unharmed. The biggest problem that we have is they are old enough for their fear instinct to kick in; which makes them vicious little creatures and very hard to feed,so I am looking forward to lots of needle sharp talons puncturing my fingers and tiny but extremely sharp little beaks biting my hands for the next couple of weeks; until they become acclimated and can feed themselves.

I’m sure glad these baby owls aren’t the size of eagles.