Slow Down For Eagles

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  • Though outstanding hunters, Eagles have a very high failure rate
    Eagles are very big with a wide wing span. Bigger is not always better when it comes to hunting. A smaller lighter male eagle can often have the edge over a larger heavier female eagle. For all their skills and amazing physical prowess, it usually takes many, many unsuccessful attempts before they finally capture their prey. Their hunts take longer and exert great energy, but their larger prey provides a meal that lasts them longer as well. They do not need to eat daily.
  • Combined with shrinking habitats, they often feast on roadkill.
    It takes a lot of effort to hunt for food especially in a limited habitat among much competition and obstructions. Roadkill is a lot easier to hunt. Eagles are opportunistic predators, they will take what they can get with the least amount of energy expended.
Slow Down For Eagles
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An Eagle with Full Crop

  • A large meal increases the weight of Eagle
    Just as a pilot must track and balance weight on an airplane, so do birds. Their flight is dependent on a healthy weight and incredible physical fitness. It does not take much weight to throw off their optimal weight and balance for flight.
  • Extra weight creates added difficulty to resume flight and return to cover
    A large meal can weigh down a bird considerably. Not only does the added weight from a big meal make flying harder, it also lessens their incentive for flight. Already satiated, their will and attitude to work for food drops.
Slow Down For Eagles
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Eagles Are Large

  • Please slow down as a large, heavy Eagle needs time and distance to get off the road
    If you see birds, even smaller ones in the road, it is a good idea to slow down. If there are many birds eating roadkill, it may not be possible to see an eagle among them until it is too late.
  • Unlike smaller birds, Eagles cannot dart away from vehicles.
    For those in urban areas, you may be used to just driving along with birds in front of you in the road because most smaller ones are able to get out of the way. Small birds with small wing spans can flap away quickly. A Eagle and some other larger birds cannot. While driving in wildlife areas, please keep an eye out for objects in the road and slow down in order to better evaluate the situation and act accordingly.

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Video Transcript

00:00:16.010 --> 00:00:22.820
she had a really really big dinner last
night and and because of that now I

00:00:22.820 --> 00:00:27.890
always want make this point it's
extremely important eagles are large

00:00:27.890 --> 00:00:33.470
eagles are very heavy eagles are very
slow to get off the ground and if

00:00:33.470 --> 00:00:36.880
they've had a large meal like she did
sometimes they'll eat so much food

00:00:37.820 --> 00:00:42.020
can't even fly and that's kind of
situation that she was in and because of

00:00:42.020 --> 00:00:49.820
that when do we see birds on the highway
or and don't just assume they can fly

00:00:49.820 --> 00:00:54.680
away and the number one injury to Eagles
here in in Utah is Eagles being hit by

00:00:54.680 --> 00:00:58.309
cars and she was certainly in a
situation that could have been the case

00:00:58.309 --> 00:01:04.600
but fortunately she was not and so when
you see birds on the highway slow down

00:01:04.600 --> 00:01:08.299
sometimes you you have to come to a stop
and let them walk off the road because

00:01:08.299 --> 00:01:12.130
they've had too much dinner or too much

00:01:22.259 --> 00:01:31.200
Got a crop full of food that's number one

00:01:31.200 --> 00:01:38.039
eating dinner and somebody won't slow
down to let him get off the road

00:01:38.040 --> 00:01:42.220
Martin: Hi Kiddo.
Susan: huge bulging crop full of food

00:01:50.700 --> 00:01:54.140
Definitely some internal there's a lot of blood in his mouth and that kind of stuff

00:01:54.160 --> 00:01:57.760
But I'm not feeling... okay, let's see what we got here

00:01:58.780 --> 00:02:00.060
Feels good...

00:02:01.260 --> 00:02:04.180
Okay...that's good...

00:02:04.180 --> 00:02:06.180
...that's solid...

00:02:08.120 --> 00:02:10.500
I don't feel breaks

00:02:10.840 --> 00:02:14.780
Yeah, I know, you've had a really bad day, haven't you kiddo...

00:02:17.900 --> 00:02:20.900

00:02:21.900 --> 00:02:24.900

00:02:26.580 --> 00:02:34.980
okay I'm not feeling... oh, I know, It's all right I get bit every day, that's just normal...

00:02:35.200 --> 00:02:37.440
Susan: That one got smacked really hard

00:02:37.440 --> 00:02:40.600
Martin: yeah, he's definitely got a pretty bad concussion

00:02:40.900 --> 00:02:49.180
he's pretty unhappy but we'll get him
put in a safe place and

00:02:49.420 --> 00:02:52.660
let's just see if he recovers...

00:02:58.000 --> 00:03:07.700
okay just received a cardboard box it's
at a an injured eagle it was hit like by

00:03:07.700 --> 00:03:16.310
a vehicle over on State Road 20 and the utah division of wildlife resources brought him to me

00:03:16.310 --> 00:03:20.020
so we'll see we've got I have no idea what we're dealing with here

00:03:30.420 --> 00:03:34.940
They said it's a golden eagle we'll find out here real quick

00:03:38.140 --> 00:03:40.200
okay, what do we got in here...

00:03:40.200 --> 00:03:42.200
yeah it's a Golden

00:03:42.920 --> 00:03:44.920
Hey kiddo

00:03:45.620 --> 00:03:47.160
You having a bad day sweetie?

00:03:50.600 --> 00:03:53.860
You're fighting good, that's a great thing

00:03:57.620 --> 00:03:58.760
There we are

00:03:59.560 --> 00:04:01.700
Hey sweetheart

00:04:05.080 --> 00:04:07.960
yeah...pretty little girl...

00:04:18.040 --> 00:04:19.940
Susan: is that something that be stitched?

00:04:20.660 --> 00:04:23.980
Yeah, we'll just let her sit for the night and see where we're at...

00:04:23.980 --> 00:04:26.220
Often times it will heal itself up

00:04:27.340 --> 00:04:32.360
wings let's see that we're dealing with here...

00:04:35.280 --> 00:04:36.920
Wing feels good..

00:04:43.260 --> 00:04:48.380
yeah I know you can bite, that's all right, I don't care

00:04:50.760 --> 00:04:52.200
Susan: lost the tail?

00:04:52.760 --> 00:04:55.260
Martin: Tail feathers have been pulled out. Susan: oh my gosh

00:04:55.260 --> 00:04:57.520
Martin: Missing all but one tail feather

00:04:57.700 --> 00:05:01.990
they're all gone they've all been ripped
out, there's nothing there

00:05:01.990 --> 00:05:03.240
Susan: That's doesn't happen just getting hit.

00:05:03.240 --> 00:05:06.400
Martin: No, that doesn't happen getting hit by a car.

00:05:06.620 --> 00:05:10.820
That happens when people
find injured eagles on the side of the road

00:05:11.160 --> 00:05:13.640
and they want to collect the

00:05:13.980 --> 00:05:18.140
Let me tell you how this works...on the black market...

00:05:18.720 --> 00:05:24.400
tail feathers from a dead eagle
are about a hundred dollars a piece.

00:05:25.220 --> 00:05:29.460
If you could rip the feathers out of the
live eagle

00:05:30.100 --> 00:05:33.000
they can be worth as much as a thousand dollars a piece.

00:05:33.400 --> 00:05:36.100
So an eagle has 12 tail feathers

00:05:36.480 --> 00:05:40.760
and so basically this guy right here,
the person walked off with

00:05:42.160 --> 00:05:45.240
eleven thousand dollars in tail feathers and

00:05:47.380 --> 00:05:51.660
and just rip it right out of this poor
animal's tail

00:05:51.960 --> 00:05:55.880
If you can imagine someone taking a pair of pliers and ripping our each of your fingernails

00:05:56.100 --> 00:05:59.560
that's pretty much what they did to this poor eagle.

00:05:59.560 --> 00:06:03.340
so that's that's one of the problems we
have here and that's it

00:06:03.440 --> 00:06:04.560
Nothing there

00:06:04.800 --> 00:06:08.840
All the feathers have been completely removed, haven't been broken.

00:06:09.360 --> 00:06:12.420
So... this poor thing...

00:06:26.180 --> 00:06:28.500
Doctor: What kind of parasites do they see?

00:06:29.500 --> 00:06:33.560
Martin: Father lice extensively a lot
of feather lice especially on eagles

00:06:33.840 --> 00:06:34.960
Doctor: What do you treat with?

00:06:35.420 --> 00:06:40.140
actually the same thing you treat
parakeets with just just the cage spray

00:06:40.140 --> 00:06:43.300
Wipes them out really really welll

00:06:43.300 --> 00:06:45.300
Doctor: Tapeworm?

00:06:48.640 --> 00:06:55.200
We don't treat for that unless we find their sick

00:06:58.760 --> 00:07:03.240
Their in the wild this is the normal diet this is the normal stuff