So here’s the plans

The volunteer critter webgeek will be leaving Lake Havasu City early Wednesday morning to visit our rescue center for a few days. We’d like to share our latest planning outlines with you and welcome any comments, suggestions, questions or wishes.

The plan is for the volunteer critter webgeek to visit quarterly. And like all plans, we’ve already had to adapt them slightly. The visit had to be moved up a week because Rexi Ruffian, the one of the webgeek’s seven Yorkshire Terriers, has been scheduled for a dental on November 12th for two really problem chompers.

Please feel free to review our ideas and to contact Martin ([email protected]) or the webgeek ([email protected]) if you’d like add your thoughts.

Quarterly Visits

Mid November: Wed 13th – Sun 17th Moved up to Wed 6th – Sun 10th
– set up chamber & shed cameras
– set up new mac & file exchange
– livestream on YouTube
– live stories on Instagram
– get raw photo files from Martin
– more glam shots of the wildlife ambassadors in different settings
– product glam shots
– park glam shots
– Facebook Admin
– set-up trail cam daily
– geocaches at park
– set mini to find Martin’s phone
– use drone around area
– Martin’s radio

Video Ideas:
– bird feeders at park
– how and why to maintain backyard feeders
– Martin’s Cedar City
– Promo videos of tours given like Parowan & Park
– about Cirrus and Piper
– about how we know Helen’s limitations
– differences between Golden Eagles & Bald Eagles
– eagle release with FAQ & max camera angles
— Some FAQS to cover:

  1. Why not release from same location the eagle was found?
  2. Why not release from the kennel? Why not release immediately instead of talking? How does this affect the bird?
  3. Will the eagle return?
  4. Is the eagle tracked?
  5. Will the eagle find his parents?
  6. Will the eagle have more trouble?
  7. Was the eagle trained?

– Wildlife Triage Facility update

– get set up for falconry podcasts
— intro & history of falconry/regulations and national organizations
— go over falconry equipment & set-up
— brainstorm outline/FAQ

– Create rough Calendar of Events tracking:
— falconry season
— hunting times
— year round care of birds (fat & happy, molting, training)
— types of Rehab throughout different times of year

Early March: Wed 4th – Sun 8th

Mid June: Wed 17th – Sun 21st

Early September: Wed 2nd – Sun 6th