So much THANKS & 4 New Tires!

Endless thank yous!

Martin and Susan were happy and grateful to open up more boxes full of helpful items to care for the critters! Many boxes contained items from our Amazon Wishlist and many contained upgrades for our YouTube Videos!

We also received two big boxes from Rodent Pro full of large rats donated to SWF!

The Founders’ Birthdays Fundraiser in honor of Susan and Martin’s birthdays in December has already received over one thousand dollars in donations. Well over the amount needed for four new tires on the foundation Subaru Forester. This allowed Martin to replace the old ones just before the winter weather hit and make travel safer for he and the critters!

We are deeply amazed, awed and grateful for all the kind comments, all the interest in the critters and all the support for the critters from so many people all around the globe!

If you would like to help out, please visit our Get Involved page!

Thank you!