The Peregrine Family

Back on march 4th, Martin got word that a local breeder may need help caring for his birds. This was the same breeder where Helen the Peregrine Falcon came from.
On March 13th, Martin scooped up three Peregrine Falcons. Two were a breeder pair, and one was a younger female.
All were settled into chambers at our rescue center as more details were learned and homes were sought out.
Martin learned later that the original owner of the pair would care for them again. So he arranged to transport them to a new home.
Martin also learned that the other female was actually Helen’s Big Sister. Her future is still uncertain, but she will be under Martin’s care as long as needed.
Much more about Helen’s Big Sis coming up!

00:00 – 01:02 Intro with Helen about other birds
01:02 – 02:53 Bringing her parents to a chamber
02:53 – 06:23 Taking the female out of the kennel
06:23 – 09:06 Taking the male out the kennel
09:06 – 10:34 Update about the pair’s new home
10:34 – 20:09 Taking the younger female from the kennel
20:09 – 20:33 Update about her identity
20:33 – 23:07 Hanging out with Big Sis