Two Young Kestrel Falcons

We currently have two orphaned kestrel falcons that were picked up by an individual who was under the impression that they would make great pets and hunting birds for falconry. After an extensive conversation he agreed that he did not have the state or federal permits required or the time and resources to care for them properly.

When I arrived at his home, I found the two baby falcons in a wooden box with no ventilation sitting on his front porch in direct sunlight with the temperature in the 90?s. Fortunately the young birds were still alive. We got them back to the rescue center, they are now doing well and should be releasable by late July or early August.

The baby kestrel falcon?s story is all too common. Baby birds outgrow their nest, this is normal. They end up on the ground under the nest. Again, this is normal. As long as they are not in a life threatening situation it is always best to leave them and let mom and dad continue to care for them.

The gentleman that picked up the baby kestrels did so out of an interest but somewhat misguided love for the birds. Fortunately he was intelligent enough to call our wildlife rescue center so the birds could be cared for properly and eventually be released to the wild.

– Martin Tyner
Founder and CEO