Unboxing and Many, Many Thanks!

Amazon Wishlist Unboxing

Yet again we were inundated by so many kind gifts from our Amazon Wishlist! We are very grateful to all of you who have donated items to help the critters! Added thanks to all of you who also have chosen SWF as your charity at Amazon Smile!

Rehabilitation Flight Chamber ? Weathering Yard

We want to thank Simeon Amankwa from Boy Scout Troup 345 for building this flight chamber ? weathering yard as part of an upgrade for the Southwest Wildlife Foundation rehabilitation facilities in Enoch. On July 21 & July 28 Simeon worked alongside 18 other scouts, church and community members who came together to help with this Eagle Scout Project.

We want to recognize and thank Sunroc Corporation for their donation of lumber and hardware for this project and also recognize and thank C-A-L Ranch Store for their donation of chicken wire and hardware for this project. Moms and sisters provided lunch for the volunteers and with teamwork this project was completed with just 2 days hard work.

Thank you so much.

Cedar Canyon Nature Park Trail Maintenance

We want to thank Boy Scouts and their leaders from the Cedar West Stake for pulling weeds along our trail between our two parking areas on July 21.

Thank you for your service! We appreciate you.

Video editing, YouTube Posts and Social Media Updates

We want to thank DG, our Volunteer Webgeek for all of her hard work to bring you updates on our wildlife rehabilitation and to promote educational awareness about wildlife and the environment we share with them. She understands the value of education which over time, will save more lives than all of our rehabilitation efforts.

Thank you DG, for editing our videos and sharing them with the world to benefit the critters. We truly appreciate your dedication and service.

Birthday Fundraiser

We want to send a BIG THANK YOU to Frances Keller who recently created a Fundraiser for the Southwest Wildlife Foundation on Facebook in Honor of Her Birthday Celebration. She not only raised $130 in contributions on Facebook, she also sent us a personal check for $130 to match her contributor?s funds dollar for dollar and sent her heartfelt thanks.

We and all of the Wild Critters in Southern Utah would like to send Frances Keller our most sincere Happy Birthday Wish and to let her know that we are extremely grateful for her kindness.