Critter VLOGMAS Playlist

*** Click here to view the playlist at YouTube ***

The VLOGMAS Fundraising Goal is $5000.00

  • We’ve already raised $3118 at YouTube and $4718 to our site!
  • From today until December 24th, all donations on the site will also be towards our VLOGMAS goal!


YouTube gives us 100% of money donated through their site, they cover all transaction fees.

You can find the link along side any of the VLOGMAS videos.

24 Days With Martin & the Critters!

Many many youtubers combine video blogging and Christmas into a challenge called Vlogmas.
This means uploading a new video from December 1st until December 24th.
For us, it means a morning livestream at 9am utah time (and they will be archived for view anytime).
So that’s the rough plan…check in with everyone every morning from December 1st through December 24th maybe for a half hour or so, maybe less, maybe more.

Amazon Wishlist

There are few smaller items left on our revised wishlist:
If you’d like to check it out, here’s the Revised Amazon Wishlist

However, we recently pulled off three higher priced items in order to include their costs in our VLOGMAS fund raising goal of $5000.00.

The last table, the chair sets and big screen tv for the new facility as well as “RAID” video storage solution are all included under that $5000.00 goal.

Through December 24th, all donations to the site will be towards this goal!

Rodent Pro

A great way to help feed the critters is by donating gift certificates to Rodent Pro. That way we can order precisely what we need and weight each box to get the best possible shipping rate.
Best way to purchase the gift certificates is to give them a call at: (812) 867-7598.
They will need:

  • Our email: [email protected]
  • Our name: Enoch Wildlife Rescue
  • The gift certificates are emailed to us, so no need worry about shipping information.

You can visit the Gift Certificate page of their site here.
However, it is a little tricky, the video below explains why.

Thank you Findlay Subaru of St. George!